We have a charming student from France, Ludivine Gallet, who is determined to master the russian language at the elementary level in the short term.

As part of the project "All Honour to the Russian Language" and together with the library of the Nagaibaksky district in the Chelyabinsk Region foreign students from Magnitogorsk State Technical University are becoming acquainted with the culture of Russian nations.

put From 01 February till 31 May 2017 at the Magnitogorsk State Technical University is held the Universiade "Path to success". Terms of the Universiade are determined by tge Rules and are published on the official website of the Universiade: http://univer.magtu.ru

Диплом I степени – Нвулу Дэвид (90 баллов), Бургэд Энхжин (86 баллов)

Диплом II степени – Бероуён Александра (83 балла), Халмурадов Заман(83 балла)

Диплом III степени – Батан Жамагул (81 балл), Специале Кьяра (80 баллов) Приоло Патриция (80 баллов)

Номинация «Искренняя любовь к русскому языку» – Алдабергенова Альмира, Кулажанова Дана



1 Magnitogorsk State Technical University officially joined the list of Universities in the preparatory departments and faculties which foreign citizens and stateless persons can be trained in additional educational programs (the purpose of these programs is the training of foreign students in Russian language).